National Bedwetting Day with LloydsPharmacy!


Top 10 Tips for Parents on Bedwetting from LloydsPharmacy pharmacist Alison McCreedy!

1.     A general healthy diet and lifestyle can help with bedwetting. Why not ask your child how they are feeling? Are they having problems at school? Perhaps they are anxious about the arrival of a new baby brother or sister?

2.     A calm bedtime routine that’s regular may help. A warm bath or shower followed by reading your child’s favourite bedtime story may help to settle and relax them. Changes in light can lead to the release of vasopressin which can cause bedwetting so turn down all the lights and make your child’s bedroom as dark as possible.

3.    As part of the bedtime routine, encourage your child to go to the toilet before getting into bed and make sure they know how to get to the toilet during the night – is there an easy route from his/her bedroom? Is the door open? Is there a light to show the way?

4.     Waking your child up in the night or carrying them to the toilet is unlikely to help with bedwetting in the long run. Support your child in overcoming bedwetting on their own.

5.     Have spare bedding and pyjamas at hand to ensure sleep is minimally disrupted. Use waterproof covers on your child’s mattress and duvet or consider pull-ups as a short term solution.

6.     Why not use a reward system to encourage your child to help themselves become dry? Give them stickers for going to the toilet regularly and encourage praise.

7.       Throughout the day encourage your child to drink at least six glasses of water or water based drinks to encourage going to the toilet regularly.

8.     We recommend avoiding fizzy or caffeinated drinks, especially during the evening as these drinks increase the need to urinate.

9.    Keep calm and positive, bedwetting is not your child’s fault – as frustrating and stressful as it may be.

10.   It’s never too early to ask for help. Bedwetting can be prevented easily and quickly with a range of medicines and alarms.

Remember, while it’s important never to blame your child, it’s also perfectly normal to feel frustrated. Pop in and speak to your local LloydsPharmacy pharmacist if you need support, or are finding it difficult.

The LloydsPharmacy pharmacists can offer advice and can also provide you with free Norman stickers – these are perfect as small rewards for your child when they have a dry night.

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Beautiful Clara Earrings – Review!


I was recently contacted by Corbico Jewellery to ask if I would like to review one of their products, the item I chose was called clara earrings and came in a beautiful purple box. I think all of their jewellery are beautifully made, I have to say though after a week or so of wearing them my ears started to go black from wearing them. Never had that with any other earrings before definitely but apart from that everything is fine, I’ll definitely be ordering more jewellery from this company very soon.

About Corbico Jewellery.


Corbico Jewellery are an independent online fashion jewellery boutique which was created in 2010. Initially housing a beautiful collection of sterling silver gemstone jewellery, they steadily expanded to include the latest catwalk and celebrity trends in fashion jewellery.

Corbico Jewellery are a inspired company that loves fashion and they hand pick each item from around the world to bring you a unique collection of stylish jewellery to complement your look and add individuality to your personal style.

Corbico Jewellery values each and every customer. Our aim is to provide you not only with beautiful pieces of jewellery and accessories, but to make your shopping experience with them easy, special and enjoyable. They understand that when ordering online it is important to receive your items quickly and beautifully packaged.

It is important that you can contact them easily and that they deal with any queries quickly and efficiently. They love to hear from all their customers and ensure that your shopping experience with them is a pleasant and enjoyable one.

If you would like to join their little Corbico Jewellery community, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter, where they regularly hold competitions and generally let their followers know of any news, offers and interesting events.

The beautiful earrings in the purple box!


This is what they look like with them in my ears, absolutely love them!

Disclaimer: I had the chance to review a product from Corbico Jewellery,  all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Travelodge Windsor Central – Review!


Myself, Scott, Justin & Madison was invited to stay in one of Travelodge’s family rooms for the night. We stayed at Windsor Central Travelodge, as we were visiting Legoland the following day. We got to the Travelodge about 4ish but check in was at 3pm if you wanted to check in any earlier you had to pay £10. Check in was very quick, the receptionist staff were lovely. They said that the Queen will be coming to Windsor the following day, which we forgot about. We stayed on the top floor room number 831 and had the Windsor Castle view which was gorgeous.

When we got into the room we was very surprised how big the family room was. Their was the double bed plus single bed for Justin and a travel cot for Madison. We had a kettle with tea/coffee plus milk facilities on the sideboard.

Breakfast was included in with the stay but Scott didn’t want to wait around as the roads were being closed off following the Queens visit to the town centre, so we had something at Legoland instead!


Scott enjoying a cup of Tea while watching snooker!


Our ”very” comfortable kingsize bed, have to be honest I didn’t want to get out of it.


Justin’s comfy bed for the night.


Our Bathroom, also quite a good size!


Travelodge very kindly supplied a travel cot for Madison for the night, which I thought was really nice of them!


As you can see Justin wanted to go in and play with her.


We couldn’t believe how close we was to Windsor Castle, the view from our room in the day time! We all actually went for a walk after I took this picture to see the castle as we all hadn’t seen it up close before. It was huge!


Windsor Castle all lit up at night, as it was the queen’s birthday the following day, you could see that they was setting up canopies etc for her day.

Disclaimer: We all had the chance to review a night stay Windsor Central Travelodge, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Justin’s surprise visit to Legoland!


I recently did a post on becoming a Legoland Ambassador but wasn’t chosen so Legoland kindly sent me tickets to take Justin on his birthday as he had never been before. When we got their, I went and sorted the tickets out and Justin got given a birthday badge, shown above. He even had his name on the digital display board all over the park, which I thought was a nice gesture. Thursday the 21st of April was also Legoland 20th birthday, which we didn’t know about till we got their on the day.

The only thing I would say if you’re visiting Legoland is too take packed lunches as the restaurants all over the park are expensive.


This was Justin’s first ride of the day, he really enjoyed it. But don’t think Scott did!


This was outside the under water submarine ride, can’t remember what the ride was called now but it was brilliant.  We went on it twice!


Think this was one of his favourite rides, he wanted to go on it over and over again, kept going on about it when we left the park, bless him!


Madison was really good throughout the day, we got her out a couple of times. She loved it just as much as Justin did!


Myself and Justin got a professional photo done together, I am so in love with it. Think it’s one for the frame, what do you all think?


We took quite a few pictures through out the day, this few I have added are just to show you what it was like, don’t want to bore you with loads of pictures.


As Justin loves dinosaurs he wanted the chance to have ago on the t-rex slide in the Duplo Valley play area.


Justin wanted a picture with the Lego photographer, he says it looks like his granddad, haha!


Justin’s a lover of starwars, he’s always wanted to defeat Darth Vader, he said look Mummy I’ve done it, bless his heart!

Overall we all had a very enjoyable day at Legoland for Justin’s Birthday, and can not wait to visit again soon.

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Top tips to keep your child healthy!


Tips for keeping your child healthy in the first 1,000 days.


The words ‘nutrition’ and ‘fun’ haven’t always traditionally appeared together, but making healthy eating exciting is just one small action that could have a big impact on you and your family.

Ensuring that the right things are going into your children doesn’t have to be a mundane task, and using these tips is just the start of a positive and healthier lifestyle:

Pregnant Women

What you put in is what you get out (literally) – The risk of being overweight or obese starts before a baby is even born. Pregnant women who consume unhealthy foods containing excess amounts of sugar and fat are more likely to have overweight children and develop associated health problems. Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy lowers this risk, and creates a healthier start for your baby and a healthier life for you.

Sugar Swap   

Swapping sugary snacks for ones that are lower in sugar – Swapping to a healthier option, such as water, or fresh juice instead of sugary drinks can make a huge difference to children’s calorie intake. Not just that, but it’s also better for their teeth.

Breast Milk

Providing your baby with breast milk will give them the best source of nutrients and help to reduce the risk of infection, digestive diseases and obesity but if breast feeding is not possible then using a low protein formula milk is the best alternative. Healthy nutrition in the first 1000 days of life, including breast milk or low protein formula milk and foods low in sugar will help protect your health, your children and future generations.


Snack check – Many snacks are full of things that aren’t necessarily good for us – sugar, salt, fat and calories. So try and keep a careful eye on how many snacks the kids are having. Try and keep count of how many sweets, crisps, and biscuits are being consumed. Keeping count means you’re more likely to cut down – which is good for your kids and for your pocket too.

Here’s a video that will hopefully help each and one of you out!

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Hipp Organic Opportunity!


I previously did a post for Hipp Organic where I gave away a hamper to one lucky reader, you can find that link here. The Hipp Organic team got back in contact with me to ask if Madison would like to review their products, I absolutely love Hipp organic products, I think they are much better than any other brands around. Madison also got a chance to try out the Hipp Organic Combiotic follow on milk, I have been giving her Aptamil follow on milk since birth so was a bit cautious to start swapping her milk around. I plucked up the courage and tried it out! Madison seemed to like it for a little while but then she got a bit constipated, so had to stop the milk and go back to Aptamil follow on milk.

The picture below shows you what Madison tried out!




This picture shows you that I started to use the follow on milk by pouring it in the container ready for feeds.


Madison also got the chance to try out ”creamy porridge” which she really enjoys every morning. She also got a dinner and afters, which was:


Spaghetti Bolognese which is one of her favourite dinners, the only thing you have to watch, if you get it on your clothes as it stains. Very hard to get out if you don’t get it out straight away.


She absolutely loves her desserts, especially anything like this one!

I would like to say ”Thank you” to Hipp Organic for letting Madison review your products, she really enjoyed them!

You can buy HiPP products from most major retailers and supermarkets
Please take the time to visit the HiPP website where you are able to find out more information about their products.

Disclaimer: Madison got to try out products from Hipp Organic, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Family summer vacation packing list!

Family Summer Vacation Packing List!


Summer is almost around the corner, which means that you will have to pack your bags for a family vacation very soon! This can be very tricky, especially if you are responsible for all of your family members, however, it doesn’t have to be like that at all. Here are some tips on how to pack like a pro, so check them out and have fun with it.

Have a Day by Day Plan.

Having a detailed plan for your family summer vacation will save the day, first of all because it will prevent you from packing unnecessary pile of clothes that can really cost a fortune at an airport. It is always a good idea to plan everything in advance, particularly when there are at least three of you travelling. For example, if you are staying ten days, you will need as many as seven or eight shirts, simply because there is no need for bringing more. All of you will spend most of the time in your swimsuits, right?

Pack Clothes Like a Pro.

When it comes to proper packing, there is an eternal dilemma – should I roll clothes or should I fold them? The right answer is: you should do both! It is important to know that folded clothes take up more space, however, they are less likely to wrinkle. On the other hand, rolled clothes will certainly take up less space, but these will inevitably wrinkle if you store them improperly. Having all this in mind, you should think this through and use both techniques – folding for delicate items, such as collared shirts, and rolling for tough fabrics such as cotton, wool, and denim.

Don’t Forget Kids’ Essentials.

kids packing

Some of the most important things you will need for your kids are stroller, baby bottles, food, and utensils, diapers, pacifiers, blankets, wipes, and formula. If your kids are slightly older, you should definitely bring their favourite toys they cannot sleep without, because insomnia is the last thing you want on your vacation. Besides that, you should always bring a first-aid kit with all kinds of medicines in it, starting with tummy ache ones, anti-itch creams, motion sickness remedies, and so on. Of course, thermometer and band aids are also necessary, just in case.


Beach Stuff Are a Must.

When talking about summer vacation, beach stuff are an absolute must and these include the following items: swimsuits and cover-ups for everyone, at least two for every family member, beach towels, umbrella, small portable cooler, huge beach bag, and blanket. As for the beach toys, you really don’t need to bring them, especially if you don’t have much space left in your suitcase. These are usually very cheap, so you can buy them as soon as you get there. Needless to say, sunscreen is extremely important, and products with SPF 50 or higher, with both UVA and UVB protection, are highly required.


Pack Your Bags and Go!


Once you have all of the aforementioned things covered – you are good to go. However, it is important that you have high-quality suitcase, too, because that is the only way you can feel safe on your trip. Leather goods for trips have always been very popular worldwide, simply because these are one of the best choices when it comes to quality. Such pieces are truly timeless, and it is always a good idea to have them by your side.

As soon as all the essentials are packed, you are ready for a summer vacation. Once all your suitcases are packed, the next most important thing is that all of you will spend a quality time together, having fun and create some unforgettable memories, because that is what family vacations are all about. Bon voyage!

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Dealing with the worse experience ever!


For a few month’s now we have had some major issues with our flat, i.e having a new kitchen put in due to wires being exposed in a few places outside the walls where either Justin or Madison could easily touch and could electrocute themselves. We have been in touch with Riversmead since last October when we had another company come round to design the kitchen we are going to have, all theses month’s  have gone now and STILL we are waiting, it’s not on! We also have a mould problem in Justin’s room that really needs sorting, we have had the surveyor round many times, he writes things down on his pad and then you don’t hear nothing back about it. Justin’s room is freezing all the time, we have asked for the radiator to be moved under the window, guess what we are still waiting for that to be done too.

I don’t know how many times we have phoned up their customers services, it’s like we are going round in circles every time we phone up. The service we are receiving is just terrible, we have even asked the customer service team to email the highest manager there is at Riversmead to contact us, and still nothing!  apparently he’s always in a meeting when we ask to speak to him, also this other guy who’s dealing with the kitchen etc he never answers his mobile when the customer service try to phone him to get in contact with us. Why have a mobile phone if you don’t answer phone calls! They will be quick to contact you though for their rent!

Think we will have to take this problem further, what do you all think? Have any of you had this experience with any housing association companies before? What was done to deal with this situation?

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Snowflakes & Sunflowers Socks/Tights



I was contacted by the lovely Rose from Snowflakes & Sunflowers to ask if I would like to review some socks and tights for both Justin & Madison. Snowflakes & Sunflowers are a beautiful online boutique and offers a wonderful range of different socks/tights to suit your baby/toddlers needs. over the past couple of weeks both Justin & Madison have been putting them to the test. I love the fact that they do alsorts of different designs, the quality of the products are amazing such lovely colours and so bright. There are so many different themes to choose from including transport, ballerinas, teddy, woodland animals, dinosaurs and so on.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage.jpg 2

PicMonkey Collage.jpg 3

The quality of the socks are just amazing all have a warm feel to them to keep both your baby/toddlers feet from getting cold from theses cold months we have been having. All socks wash up really well in a wash. All the socks come with rubber writing at the bottom of each one to stop your little ones from slipping over, what a great idea! The sizing of the sock are just great, Rose asked me what size I needed, as Justin is nearly 4 and Madison is over 8 months old now, I was sent the right socks/tights to fit both of their feet perfectly. Snowflakes and Sunflowers products come in different range of sizes up to the age of 7, excellent value for money for the quality and design you get from them. Theses gorgeous socks/tights come in box sets and would be a lovely gift for your little bundle of joy’s birthday.

Why don’t you head over to Snowflakes and Sunflowers now and see for yourself what stylish socks they have to offer. I can’t recommend this brand enough and think every pair of small feet need some of these gorgeous everyday essentials, I will be making another purchase for another load of socks very soon.

 Disclaimer: I was sent a bundle of socks/tights for both Justin & Madison to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Removable Twist ‘ n ‘ Lock Freezer Pods + Tray.



I was recently contacted by the lovely Emily from BumpPR asking if I would like to review something from the Vital Baby products, as Madison is at the weaning process they sent me the Removable Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pods + Tray. My first thoughts were that the way the little pods clip into the tray was great! The lids were easy to get on and off and the little silicon bottom made it nice and easy to remove the food. They are a good size, Madison is having a combination of finger foods and purees so one is enough for her at the moment. I liked the way the little pods stacked together once frozen, that made it better for my little freezer!  Overall, I rate them five stars and recommend them to anyone wanting to freeze baby food, they are great!

The team at Vital Baby are thrilled to launch the brand new, innovative Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pods – another fantastic product that is sure to become a weaning essential for every family!

The truly unique new Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pods include six individual 60ml food pods that have been specially designed to twist and lock securely into one neat tray, helping to keep fridges and freezers organised and tidy! The new Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pods are freezer friendly and they can also be used in the microwave. Making mealtimes that bit simpler for parents the Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pods can go straight from the freezer to the microwave to defrost and warm, ready for little one to eat. Alternatively, the handy soft base of each Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pod enables parents to simply pop out the frozen block of food. Steriliser and dishwasher safe, the new Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pods are easy to clean and will save on that endless pile of washing up!

5 Simple steps for the Removable Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pods:

  1. Fill with hot or cold food straight after preparation.
  2. Insert and lock the freezer pod into the tray, then into the freezer.
  3. Press the soft base to pop out the frozen cube.
  4. Microwave defrost and warm straight from the freezer.
  5. Feed directly from the pot.


I have prepared half a jar of the cottage pie stated above to go into my freezer till it’s needed.



Product Description 

Secure lids.

Great value for money.

Simple to use.

Space saving.

6 perfect size pods for weaning.


Disclaimer: I was sent the Removable Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pods to use for Madison’s foods, all thoughts and opinions are my own.