Honey Suckle Bouquet -Review!


I was recently contacted by Prestige to ask if I would like to review one of their charity bouquets, I don’t know anyone who would turn down flowers. The bouquet I received was called “The Honeysuckle bouquet”. Prestige do a number of beautiful bouquets to suit all needs. They are working alongside a charity called barnardo’s to help the children which I thought was really nice as it’s nice to give some money towards charity’s that need them.


The Honeysuckle bouquet I received cost £39.99 and you get free chocolates too. I didn’t have a spare vase to put the bouquet in so Prestigeflowers gave me one for free, which I thought was really nice of them.


The bouquet looks absolutely beautiful on my table.


Theses yellow flowers are known for making the recipient feel an instant sense of joy and satisfaction. This arrangement includes Germinis, lilies, and roses all in various golden shades. The Prestige team of expert florists also include Birch and Solidaster to top this arrangement off.

The Honeysuckle arrangement pays homage to one of the original cottages built within the Barnardo’s village. When making your purchase, 25% of the total order value will be donated to the Children’s Charity Barnardo’s. This bouquet is available for next day delivery. Just to let you know that the Chocolates may contain nuts.


I absolutely love this message from Philip, I have definitely loved looking at them for just over 10 days.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Honeysuckle bouquet in exchange for a review on my blog, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

How to brush your teeth – a guide for Adults & Children!


How To Brush Your Teeth – A Guide for Parents and Children Infographic

How to Help Your Children Brush Their Teeth


Children Often Find it Hard to Brush Their Teeth Properly.


It’s common for children to have difficulties brushing their teeth properly — many find it boring, or even uncomfortable. Getting them to brush their teeth at all can be awkward, and getting them to concentrate and brush their teeth for an entire two minutes can be a real challenge; two minutes is an extremely long time to a young child.


How Your Children Should Be Brushing Their Teeth.


Just like adults, children need to brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste. The two minutes recommended brushing time is a minimum, not a maximum — your child should be brushing as long as they need to, in order to ensure their mouth is completely clean.

You need to start brushing their teeth as soon as their first tooth breaks through. Start with just a small smear of toothpaste and a baby toothbrush, increasing the amount of toothpaste as they get older and more teeth erupt.

It is crucial that right from the start you coat every tooth in toothpaste to strengthen it and protect it against decay — if you miss a tooth, your child is at significantly more risk of decay, which causes painful toothache and may lead to eating difficulties.

Make sure you watch your child closely until they are around seven or eight, or until you are sure that they are brushing properly.

Using the Right Equipment.

Your child should be using a medium brush that is the right size for their mouth and should be brushing with a minty, not fruity toothpaste — the best we’ve found is Maclean’s Milk teeth. Fruity toothpaste help to foster a ‘sweet tooth’ and make it hard for your child to progress to mint toothpaste as they get older. One piece of equipment that every child should have for brushing their teeth is a two-minute egg timer. This gives them a visual guide as to how long they need to brush and makes brushing a little more fun. For older children, electric toothbrushes are ideal.

Making Sure Your Children’s Diet Is Appropriate.

Mums know that most children have a sweet tooth, and that sugar is the main cause of decay in children (and adult) teeth. But did you know the main source? Surprisingly, it’s not chocolate or sweets (although those should be limited too) but fizzy drinks. There is more sugar in a can of fizzy drink than there is in a chocolate bar — with 36g of sugar per can, one can of cola exceeds the new adult recommended limit of 30g and is far higher than the recommended limit for children. Ideally, your children should only be drinking water and milk.

Never let your child sleep with a bottle in their mouth. As well as being a choking hazard, without having food or anything else to absorb or dislodge it, the lactose in the milk will stay on their teeth until morning, resulting in decay. You shouldn’t worry about lactose in day-to-day life; the sugar level is very low and the benefits high.

You should also be watching out for sugary drinks in disguise — drinks such as Yazoo and Innocent have a similar sugar content to fizzy drinks but give the impression of being healthy.

Dry Brushing — the Best Technique for Your Children and for You.

Dry brushing is the best way for both children and adults to clean their teeth. It may feel a little odd but it is the best way to increase the level of fluoride that the teeth are exposed to during and after brushing. Fluoride helps to make you and your children’s teeth stronger and more able to withstand sugar acids and overall decay.

When your child has finished brushing, they should always spit out any leftover toothpaste. But make sure they don’t rinse their mouth, as this washes away the protective fluoride.

When Should You First Take Your Child to the Dentist?

You should be taking your baby with you to the dentist on your first dental checkup after they are born — and as many pregnant women are prone to dental inflammation (also known as pregnancy gingivitis) you should be seeing the dentist more regularly throughout pregnancy.

Many parents make the mistake of waiting until their child has all their teeth (at around three years old) — by then it’s often too late to provide the crucial foundational advice parents need.

Your dentist is there to give you the advice and support you need as a parent. They should be happy to answer any questions you have, and inform you about any extra treatment your child may need.

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Charlie Bouquet – Review!


I was recently contacted by Bloom&Wild to ask if I would like to review one of their Letterbox bouquets. The bouquet that was sent to me was called the Charlie bouquet. To be very honest with you I have never heard of any flowers arriving in a box and to fit into your Letterbox. When I opened the box up, I couldn’t believe how beautifully packed it was. The flowers were protected with a safe netting around all them to keep from not braking or anything. The bouquet had a lovely ribbon around them for presentation. The bouquet I received cost £20 at the time but now they have lowered the price down to £10, what a bargain! Bloom&Wild do varies of different bouquets at different prices.


The beautiful box full of lovely flowers! 


This is what the flowers looked like when I opened up the box. One word Stunning!


This what they were like when I got them out of the box. Beautiful!


Starting to open after a couple a day!

I was so pleased that this Charlie bouquet lasted nearly 10 days, not all flowers I have brought in the shops have lasted very long,  this bunch certainly made the expectations!

About the Charlie Bouquet!

Bring the sunshine inside with The Charlie bouquet a delicate alstroemerias accented with bright yellow craspedia.

They love these unusual craspedia; a lesser-known variety of daisy, their yellow colour will intensify over time, and can be dried to make a stylish keepsake.

They send their blooms in a bud so that they can be delivered through the letterbox, and after 24 hours in water they will begin to bloom and reveal their true beauty for many days to come, mine certainly did!

Disclaimer: I was sent the beautiful Charlie bouquet from Bloom&Wild in exchange for a review on my blog, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Cheerz Retro Magnets – Review!


Recently I had the chance to review a set of retro magnets from Cheerz. The retro magnets are a new edition to Cheerz they come in a pack of 12, you have the chance to write your own message underneath the picture, which I thought was great! I used the website to order mine and it was really easy to use. You can just upload pictures, or connect the website to your Facebook or Instagram and then you simply select which pictures you want to add to your magnets then your done. It’s as easy as that!

When I got an email asking me about the Cheerz app I was really interested in having a go. As much as I love to posting photos on instagram, I also love sharing my memories via Facebook.

There are others to choose from the Cheerz App/Website, which are:










This is what you get in the box when you receive it!


These are my 12 most favourable photos.

The company is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Antoine Le Conte and Aurélien de Meaux. Founded in Paris in 2012, Cheerz is already firmly established across many other European markets. With over 1m downloads the app has been featured by the App Store and appeared in the press many times, including Grazia and Marie Claire. Cheerz’s ethos is to reinvent photo printing with a brand at the heart of the photography revolution.

Providing the simplest and most intuitive photo printing service, tapping into today’s Zeitgeist and bringing back the joy of the printed image that seems to have been lost in modern-day photography. The launch of Cheerz in the UK was only a matter of time, the penetration of smartphones in the UK is one of the highest in Europe and we’re excited to launch the brand here, together with the opening with a local office in London.

Disclaimer: I was sent 12 retro magnets from Cheerz in exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Appy Foods & Drinks- Review + Giveaway!



The lovely Lisa from Appy Foods & Drinks kindly sent all of us some different juices to try. We got sent 3 x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 3 x Spongebob Square Pants, 3 x Dora The Explorer. I also got a Appy Foods and Drinks bag. Myself, Scott and Justin absolutely loved all the Juices and will be purchasing some more from Appy Foods & Drinks very soon. All drinks are made from 100% natural juices great for the whole family to enjoy. My most favourite drink out of all 3 packs was the Spongebob Square Pants Orange Fruit Nectar, it was divine! Scott’s favourite was the Dora the Explorer Tropical Juice Drink. If you fancy purchasing some you can get them from theses 3 retailers which are:




Appy Food & Drinks make healthier juice drinks for the whole family to enjoy. They realised that there was a gap in the market and a need for juice drinks that are healthy AND affordable. There are lots of unhealthy, cheap drinks and plenty of healthy, expensive ones but the choice is very limited if you want something that’s healthy and affordable. If you fancy another flavour you can find the full range of flavours Here.

Their juices are low in sugar, which i’m really pleased about. They use stevia (a natural sweetener), and they are free from artificial colours and flavourings.

Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Drink


Tropical Juice Drink


Orange Fruit Nectar


Justin’s favourite was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Giveaway Time

Appy Foods & Drink have been kind enough to let me run a giveaway to WIN a Appy Drinks Hamper!


You can enter via the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Please note this Giveaway is only for UK only!

Disclaimer: We all was sent 3 lots of Appy Drinks to try out and also run a giveaway, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Best of British Launch Day!


101 Bloggers Design Your Summer to Remember for a Lifetime 

With the icy cold winter finally coming to an end, the glorious bank holiday kick-starting barbecues to life in their millions and the kids 6 week summer holidays just around the corner you may be thinking about planning your big summer adventures.

If, like me, you’re struggling for inspiration of what to do or where to take the kids, you really need to see this handy ebook created by 101 of the Best British Bloggers. With hundreds of activities, destinations, and just general FUN each of the ideas has been tested by a blogger just like myself and is personal recommendation straight from the heart.

My idea was the fabulous Thomasland at Drayton Manor, I wrote:

“I love to take my kids on days out to places such as Thomasland at Drayton Manor to keep their minds as ease. Especially my son Justin he love Thomasland and it’s great to see the excitement on their faces when they know we’re going every so often.”

No doubt my little ones will be begging to go back to Thomasland again this summer. Have anyone of you been to ThomasLand before?

If at anytime I need some inspiration, I will definitely be using this little eBook, It’s a great help!

Let me know what your favourite destination or idea from the book is?

One of the ideas I really love from the book was LOOKING FOR AND AFTER WILDLIFE by Mrs Crafty B, the words she said was:

“Take the little ones on a wildlife hunt around the garden and help them to build some related items like bug hotels, hedgehog houses or hanging bird feeders. The fresh air and sunshine works wonders all round and a bit of messy play outdoors is much easier to clean up?

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National Bedwetting Day with LloydsPharmacy!


Top 10 Tips for Parents on Bedwetting from LloydsPharmacy pharmacist Alison McCreedy!

1.     A general healthy diet and lifestyle can help with bedwetting. Why not ask your child how they are feeling? Are they having problems at school? Perhaps they are anxious about the arrival of a new baby brother or sister?

2.     A calm bedtime routine that’s regular may help. A warm bath or shower followed by reading your child’s favourite bedtime story may help to settle and relax them. Changes in light can lead to the release of vasopressin which can cause bedwetting so turn down all the lights and make your child’s bedroom as dark as possible.

3.    As part of the bedtime routine, encourage your child to go to the toilet before getting into bed and make sure they know how to get to the toilet during the night – is there an easy route from his/her bedroom? Is the door open? Is there a light to show the way?

4.     Waking your child up in the night or carrying them to the toilet is unlikely to help with bedwetting in the long run. Support your child in overcoming bedwetting on their own.

5.     Have spare bedding and pyjamas at hand to ensure sleep is minimally disrupted. Use waterproof covers on your child’s mattress and duvet or consider pull-ups as a short term solution.

6.     Why not use a reward system to encourage your child to help themselves become dry? Give them stickers for going to the toilet regularly and encourage praise.

7.       Throughout the day encourage your child to drink at least six glasses of water or water based drinks to encourage going to the toilet regularly.

8.     We recommend avoiding fizzy or caffeinated drinks, especially during the evening as these drinks increase the need to urinate.

9.    Keep calm and positive, bedwetting is not your child’s fault – as frustrating and stressful as it may be.

10.   It’s never too early to ask for help. Bedwetting can be prevented easily and quickly with a range of medicines and alarms.

Remember, while it’s important never to blame your child, it’s also perfectly normal to feel frustrated. Pop in and speak to your local LloydsPharmacy pharmacist if you need support, or are finding it difficult.

The LloydsPharmacy pharmacists can offer advice and can also provide you with free Norman stickers – these are perfect as small rewards for your child when they have a dry night.

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Beautiful Clara Earrings – Review!


I was recently contacted by Corbico Jewellery to ask if I would like to review one of their products, the item I chose was called clara earrings and came in a beautiful purple box. I think all of their jewellery are beautifully made, I have to say though after a week or so of wearing them my ears started to go black from wearing them. Never had that with any other earrings before definitely but apart from that everything is fine, I’ll definitely be ordering more jewellery from this company very soon.

About Corbico Jewellery.


Corbico Jewellery are an independent online fashion jewellery boutique which was created in 2010. Initially housing a beautiful collection of sterling silver gemstone jewellery, they steadily expanded to include the latest catwalk and celebrity trends in fashion jewellery.

Corbico Jewellery are a inspired company that loves fashion and they hand pick each item from around the world to bring you a unique collection of stylish jewellery to complement your look and add individuality to your personal style.

Corbico Jewellery values each and every customer. Our aim is to provide you not only with beautiful pieces of jewellery and accessories, but to make your shopping experience with them easy, special and enjoyable. They understand that when ordering online it is important to receive your items quickly and beautifully packaged.

It is important that you can contact them easily and that they deal with any queries quickly and efficiently. They love to hear from all their customers and ensure that your shopping experience with them is a pleasant and enjoyable one.

If you would like to join their little Corbico Jewellery community, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter, where they regularly hold competitions and generally let their followers know of any news, offers and interesting events.

The beautiful earrings in the purple box!


This is what they look like with them in my ears, absolutely love them!

Disclaimer: I had the chance to review a product from Corbico Jewellery,  all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Travelodge Windsor Central – Review!


Myself, Scott, Justin & Madison was invited to stay in one of Travelodge’s family rooms for the night. We stayed at Windsor Central Travelodge, as we were visiting Legoland the following day. We got to the Travelodge about 4ish but check in was at 3pm if you wanted to check in any earlier you had to pay £10. Check in was very quick, the receptionist staff were lovely. They said that the Queen will be coming to Windsor the following day, which we forgot about. We stayed on the top floor room number 831 and had the Windsor Castle view which was gorgeous.

When we got into the room we was very surprised how big the family room was. Their was the double bed plus single bed for Justin and a travel cot for Madison. We had a kettle with tea/coffee plus milk facilities on the sideboard.

Breakfast was included in with the stay but Scott didn’t want to wait around as the roads were being closed off following the Queens visit to the town centre, so we had something at Legoland instead!


Scott enjoying a cup of Tea while watching snooker!


Our ”very” comfortable kingsize bed, have to be honest I didn’t want to get out of it.


Justin’s comfy bed for the night.


Our Bathroom, also quite a good size!


Travelodge very kindly supplied a travel cot for Madison for the night, which I thought was really nice of them!


As you can see Justin wanted to go in and play with her.


We couldn’t believe how close we was to Windsor Castle, the view from our room in the day time! We all actually went for a walk after I took this picture to see the castle as we all hadn’t seen it up close before. It was huge!


Windsor Castle all lit up at night, as it was the queen’s birthday the following day, you could see that they was setting up canopies etc for her day.

Disclaimer: We all had the chance to review a night stay Windsor Central Travelodge, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Justin’s surprise visit to Legoland!


I recently did a post on becoming a Legoland Ambassador but wasn’t chosen so Legoland kindly sent me tickets to take Justin on his birthday as he had never been before. When we got their, I went and sorted the tickets out and Justin got given a birthday badge, shown above. He even had his name on the digital display board all over the park, which I thought was a nice gesture. Thursday the 21st of April was also Legoland 20th birthday, which we didn’t know about till we got their on the day.

The only thing I would say if you’re visiting Legoland is too take packed lunches as the restaurants all over the park are expensive.


This was Justin’s first ride of the day, he really enjoyed it. But don’t think Scott did!


This was outside the under water submarine ride, can’t remember what the ride was called now but it was brilliant.  We went on it twice!


Think this was one of his favourite rides, he wanted to go on it over and over again, kept going on about it when we left the park, bless him!


Madison was really good throughout the day, we got her out a couple of times. She loved it just as much as Justin did!


Myself and Justin got a professional photo done together, I am so in love with it. Think it’s one for the frame, what do you all think?


We took quite a few pictures through out the day, this few I have added are just to show you what it was like, don’t want to bore you with loads of pictures.


As Justin loves dinosaurs he wanted the chance to have ago on the t-rex slide in the Duplo Valley play area.


Justin wanted a picture with the Lego photographer, he says it looks like his granddad, haha!


Justin’s a lover of starwars, he’s always wanted to defeat Darth Vader, he said look Mummy I’ve done it, bless his heart!

Overall we all had a very enjoyable day at Legoland for Justin’s Birthday, and can not wait to visit again soon.

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